Hiba Najem

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/Culinary performer
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Fatayer bi Banadoura

Adas bi Shoumar

Wa’te – Ephemere

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Hiba Najem is a Lebanese performer interested in the theatricality of everyday life. She finds in the daily practices and rituals, material for her research. Curious about stories and people, she loves to find ways to incorporate the social context into the stage. Along with her passion for theater, Hiba loves to bake and share stories over food. This is why she loves to create performances revolving around anthropology, theater and food. She is now working on a culinary series on forgotten dishes. The first one is entitled “Adas bi Shoumar” (Lentil with fennel) while the second is “Fatayer bi banadoura” (tomato pastries).

She studied theater in the institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese university, then completed her first MA in theater research at the St Joseph University-Beirut, writing her thesis on the theatricality of food and its presence in the contemporary art scene. After finishing a second master degree in Avignon University-France focusing on theater and writing, she is now pursuing her PHD on theater and food also in Avignon.