Hiba Najem

/Actress /Theater maker
/Culinary performer


2017 – 2018

Wa’te – Ephemere

Hiba Najem | Wa’te – Ephemere
Wa’te (meaning both my time and ephemeral) is a 50 minute performance that was played in both Space 27 – a cultural space in Furn el Shubbak and in Tota – café/bar in Mar mkhayel. The performance is a storytelling that mixes personal stories and spice rituals. The spectators will smell each spice on its own, discover its history and accompanying ritual and be able to taste it at the end in some spiced tea that is prepared during the performance.
Hiba Najem | Wa’te – Ephemere

“I wanted to get rid of several objects, goods, clothes, old copybooks, memories, only to find myself exhausted assembling others. On a journey of self-discovery, among senses, experiments and rituals, I’m bound to either find myself or lose it altogether”

Being interested in both theater and food -cooking- Hiba finds herself searching for common features and implicit links between the two forms of art. Theatre has a social and collective identity, and so does food. In both practices, similar rhythms and rituals are found. They are to be explored through a series of culinary performances.