Hiba Najem

/Actress /Theater maker
/Culinary performer


Work in progress


Culinary street performance-tour
Synopsis The tour aims at embarking the audience on a captivating journey through the lesser-known streets of Beirut, as participants immerse themselves in an uncommon but local experience while walking around specific paths in the city. Along the way, they will encounter quaint, authentic food shops that serve as stops on this cultural exploration. At each stop, the audience will be treated to not just a taste of a traditional recipe, but also the captivating story of the shop owner. This unique interaction provides an opportunity to connect with the heart of Beirut, to hear the untold tales that often go unnoticed amidst the rapid pace of modern life. The stage is set within these charming shops, where the everyday individuals running them become the performers in this extraordinary production. By placing these unsung heroes under the spotlight, this project unveils the hidden flavors and forgotten stories that make Beirut a city of rich heritage and diverse culinary traditions.



A significant number of Lebanese individuals who have been raised in Beirut or its suburbs are often unaware of a widely enjoyed breakfast dessert known as Mufattaka. This delightful treat, commonly found in the historic district of Ras Beirut, holds numerous untold tales waiting to be discovered. The primary objective of this project is to not only acquire the skill of preparing Mufattaka but also to facilitate its sharing with others. By delving into the art of crafting this dish, participants can embrace its cultural significance and extend the joy of its consumption to a wider audience.